Get Geared Up For Sandton’s Neon Run

By now most people have heard that SA’s most luminous race, the Neon Run, will be hitting Jozi soon. Taking place on the 2nd September, the 5km race is fun for the whole family, a sparkling experience filled with entertainment and neon lights that will have everyone aglow with excitement. There isn’t too much to be stressed about, but for any first timers requiring a little guidance, here are some handy tips to get the most out of this highly anticipated event. Even if you have never walked that distance before, with a little practice, you too can shine on the night.

  • The race can be walked, run, cycled or skated. Whichever mode of transport, ensure that all tyres and wheels are checked the day before to prevent any hiccups on the race day.
  • Be sure to wear a pair of race-ready shoes. A new pair will need to be broken in so that they are comfy , so either stick with your old faithfuls or use your new takkies for a while beforehand to avoid blisters.
  • A little practice beforehand is not a bad idea. Gather up a group of friends and start working those muscles. There is still plenty of time to squeeze in a little race rehearsal. Start slow and do short walks, then increase the distance gradually. There are a number of websites and apps that have a “couch to 5k”-type training programme that you can follow.
  • Eat healthily. Have wholesome meals before the race. Smaller portions of proteins and carbs are ideal to provide you with the energy needed on the day.
  • Be sure to hydrate before the race but slow down from 30 minutes prior. Whilst running, sip on your water, instead of taking big gulps.
  • Chafing can be a real pain. Most runners put Vaseline or baby powder on their tender bits so be sure to rub a little on before the race begins.
  • Warm up before the start with some light stretches. Pulling a muscle is not fun – and fun is what the Neon Run is all about.
  • Be sure to maintain activity for about 10 minutes after the race is completed. Cooling down exercises will prevent stiffness the following day.
  • Once cooled down, be sure to eat in small amounts. Exercising burns calories which need to be topped up to avoid feeling ill.
  • Keep active the next day. Low impact exercise will help ward off stiffness and keep those muscles active, preventing any aches and pains from creeping up.

In the end, the point is to enjoy the sights and sounds of this spectacular event, so the best thing you can do to prepare is to get excited to light up the night with neon colours -and have a blast while doing it.

Event details are as follows:

  • DATE: Saturday 2nd September 2017
  • VENUE: St Stithians College, Sandton
  • TIME: Doors open at 2pm and festival closes at 11:30pm

Early bird tickets are limited and available at for R180, which includes some funky neon goodies, so act quickly! 

Other options include bulk ticket discounts as well as corporate packages available to choose from.

You can visit the website for more info:

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