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Midrand Pastor Slams Hinduism

A Christian pastor has sparked outrage in a post on Facebook condemning Hindu worship.

Salome Govender describes herself as previously a Hindu of the Hare Krsna religious sect.   She goes on to describe Hinduism as a religion that makes one ‘do’ in order to receive blessings.

The ACTS Church facebook page posted a quote from Salome Govender’s promotional video, which criticized Hinduism. After a slew of comments were received from social media users sharing their opinions on the post, the administrator of the page deleted the users comments.

A few minutes later this post was taken down.

salome govender acts church


However, the promotional video of Salome Govender shares her slanted opinion of Hinduism and its practices while enforcing that her new refuge in Christ has been her saving grace. In the video, Govender compares her experience of being Christian where she doesn’t have to do anything in order to receive Christ’s blessing..

She goes on to describe being a Hindu & how she used to sit and face idols that did not speak to her but she found a voice by converting to Christianity.  She also spoke of the task of being vegetarian for two years that did not sit well with her.


Source: Facebook

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