EFF Indians racist
Photo: Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party leader Julius Malema

Indians Must Confront Their Racist Tendency

The EFF in a statement released on their official website have reaffirmed comments by their leader, CIC Julius Malema around the exploitation and racism remarks that were made at their  anniversary celebrations at the Curries Fountain meet.

EFF Indians racist
Photo: Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party leader Julius Malema

Malema particularly directed his comments to Indian owned businesses in the KZN province that allegedly apply exploitative working conditions against Africans who work under them.

The statement went on to read that, “It is not about replacing white monopoly capitalism with either African monopoly or Indian monopoly.“

“We make no apology that each time we come across the suffering and oppression of our people, we shall not mince our words, nor tiptoe around false minority feelings.”

The EFF call upon South Africans of Indian descent to confront their racist tendencies especially the Durban based Indian community.

“The Indian community in Durban, and elsewhere in the country needs to confront its own ills and the normalised hatred African people experience amongst them. “

The EFF state that apartheid is to blame for the current societal status quo that is exercised by Indians.

“It is a fact that part of what Apartheid did for many years, was to create an impression that Indians are better blacks than Africans and Coloureds. This mentality has constituted the attitude of many Indian people in the ways in which they treat Africans in labour, business and general human relations. We reject this attitude and call its transformation, as well as a better treatment of Africans. “

Watch as Julius Malema tackles the Indian problem in Durban:

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