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pravin gordhan

Derek Hanekom, Pravin Gordhan A Sellout Says Zuma

President Jacob Zuma’s son, Edward, called ANC members Derek Hanekom and Pravin Gordhan representatives of “white monopoly capital fronts and anti-majoritarian rule”.

pravin gordhan
File: Edward Zuma has called former Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom (pictured left) ‘a vile dog trained to maul a black skin’. He said Gordhan (pictured R) ‘thinks African natives are no better than just being sugar cane cutters.’ Photo: eNCA/Herbert Opland

In an open letter written in his personal capacity, Edward Zuma slammed the dissenting former ministers of tourism and finance, who have called on the president to step down.  The letter attributed to President Jacob Zuma’s son Edward has lashed out at former finance minister Pravin Gordhan. who earlier on Wednesday challenged South Africans to stand up to resist the capture of the state to prevent a “10 year slump”.

“If we keep quiet‚ we are going to slump into a 10-year disaster. It will take five to 10 years to recover‚” Gordhan said.

Gordhan gave a lecture at the University of Johannesburg on Wednesday, where he warned against state capture, saying that it could lead the country into a ten-year slump.

According to TimesLive, Zuma wrote on Wednesday night:


“By being the extension of whites and white monopoly capital stooge‚ Gordhan shows us of his inferiority complex to whites but superior complex to natives‚ that whites according to him and his inner world – deserve to be accorded a perpetual status as masters‚ and an African native is unimaginative to be of higher status than any race in this country” (sic).

“This privileged boy from Sastri College shows us that he would defend whites and their appointed crumb eaters‚ the White Monopoly Capital Indunas‚ the black parasitical political stooges at all costs.”

“Both these white monopoly capital fronts and anti-majoritarian-rule have continued to counter the programmes and policies that the ANC have now rolled out within the context put colonial and apartheid history‚ of radically advancing the lives of the native and particular black people of this country …” Zuma said.

According to IOL, during a public spat with Matthews Phosa in February, Zuma penned an open letter, also accusing Phosa of being a white monopoly capital stooge.

“He wants to service his long time master (Johann Rupert ) who he presented with farms in the province of Mpumalanga when again he was at the helm which turned out to be a disastrous tenure under Mathews Phosa‚ so now he is again trying to climb the ladder using the back door of painting leadership badly and satisfying his makers who are seated comfortably in Stellenbosch‚ South Africa.

Mathews Phosa is against radical economic transformation in this country and we all know that hence all this noise he is making at some point he would talk like a person who just fell from a tree.”

Sources: TimesLIVE, Huffington Post

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