Losing My Children, An Open Letter

I write this letter with such immense heartbreak. I think your platform can be very powerful to pass this message with the possibility it can save someone’s life.

This is a mother’s plea to all parents who have children residing in Johannesburg. On 18th Feb 2013, I have lost my 23 year old son in tragic accident on the N3 involving a truck. On the 8th July 2017, I lost another child that was like my son and his girlfriend aged 23 yrs were killed in a gruesome and horrific crash involving a truck. I cannot count the number of accidents that happen on the N3 involving with trucks. I know that death is inevitable and we go when our time is up. But the brutality of it is heart wrenching. It’s heart breaking when parents have to bury their children and worse when they have to identity their body.

All parents should advise their kids to travel during the day, when visibility is clear. To beg their children not to speed. To get a good rest before travelling. Our kids are eager to go home to see loved ones they miss. They rush to get to their destination. So please use your platform to pass this message. My message might not have meaning to some, but ask a parent who has been to a morgue to identity their children’s body.

I am helpless. My arms cannot reach all the moms and dads to tell them “I feel their pain as I have been through it”. No amount of comforting to any parent can bring back their kids, we can however make our children to understand the fatality of travelling at night on the N3 (I call the deathtrap). Everyone thinks it won’t happen to them until it does.

Please I humbly plead with you if it is within your power to make that small difference by editing this message I will highly be indebted to you. If you are unable to I will understand.

Nafiesa Khan, a heartbroken Mum

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