Love & humanity

Where Is The Love?

I actually don’t know where or how to start my article. It’s been a long, hard couple weeks globally, and locally.

We don’t seem to be safe as humans any longer.

From the places we live in; to where we travel too. Are we heading or are we already experiencing the loss of humanity and slowly eradicating mankind?

From radicals who profess to represent a religion to senseless killing of women/children in our country, to loss of life due to power / political struggles. I am horrified at man’s inhumanity to man. More than anything, this has got me thinking a lot about what it means to be human.

Where is the love?

Love & humanity

Surely within each one of us is a moral code to be good to our fellow humans.

Wherever we were born, whatever colour we came out as, and wherever we live now should never allow another to exploit that. Where do we draw the lines of culture or personal identity and simply accept each other as humanity? We all should have those lines, because that line is what differentiates us from savage to humans.

We are all different. It may be a shock to one’s system, but we are all disliked by someone. Whether it’s for our race, our religion, or our gender. But when you allow that dislike to evolve into something darker then you need to take a good look inward, make the necessary changes outward.

Hatred is a strong emotion and like a disease it will destroy all of those it touches – those who harbour it every bit as much as those they harbour it towards.

How do we overcome the hatred and the complexities of religious, gender, cultural and racial complexities? Nothing and I mean nothing should make you want to harm any human being. Nothing should ever condone hatred and murder.

What happened to “you may not be my brother by blood, but by humanity?”

If hatred is a disease then surely Love is the cure.

It all starts with self.

We need to be examples of Love and Acceptance?

Look in the mirror; are we good examples to children or have we completely lost the plot? Seems like the sterling examples of how to be a “loving human” have long passed on, maybe a few still remain in the world, scattered amongst us. As soon as we understand the importance of humanity in day to day life, the purpose for which we are on earth is automatically fulfilled. This planet doesn’t need more hatred, it’s simply starts with each one of us, being tolerant and being examples of love.

That what binds us together as human beings should be stronger than what divides us.

About Saffiya Ismail

Born in Pietermaritzburg, she now resides in Johannesburg and says her most important role in life is being a mother. Saffiya is a freelance writer. A contributing author in “Riding the Samoosa Express” (Anthology launched 21st March 2015). With a second chapter submitted for the next book, Saffiya says her passion is writing.

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