Bell Pottinger’s Role In South African Politics – Part 2

It is 23 years since the birth of South Africa’s Rainbow Nation and it stands at a watershed. Its President, Jacob Zuma, is facing a vote of no confidence in parliament next week, which could see him kicked out of office in a country increasingly angry at his conspicuous enrichment, while the poorest get poorer.

At issue is the President’s relationship with one of South Africa’s richest families, the Gupta brothers.

In the second of her four part investigative series, Manveen Rana, looks into the allegation that the British PR firm, Bell Pottinger, was hired, in part, to inflame racial tensions on behalf of the Guptas, in order to distract from a massive financial scandal at the heart of Government – an allegation that Bell Pottinger deny.

Listen to the podcast here

Source: BBC

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