dj zinhle brendon naidoo

A Warning To Brendon Naidoo From DJ Zinhle’s Uncle

It has been reported that DJ Zinhle’s uncle, Mthembeni Jiyane has given Brendon Naidoo a stern warning to treat her well.

Brendon was nabbed by police in April after multiple fraud charges amounting to millions of rand were laid against him. After spending 7 days behind bars Brendon was granted bail of R60‚000.

dj zinhle brendon naidoo

Dj Zinhle has reportedly been supporting Naidoo throughout the saga that has dogged him since Easter even visiting him in jail.   However things are not looking good for the couple known as Mr & Mrs Bond and their relationship is strained and no longer the same.

Two weeks ago the Sunday Sun reported their flaming relationship had ended which then had Naidoo coming out on social media posting a message to Zinhle on his Instagram account, thanking her for supporting him.

Zinhle had complained to her uncle about Naidoo after he took his frustration out on her.

“Zinhle is a loving woman, but she gets hurt easily. She is fragile and the men whom she associates
herself with, are nothing but dramatic people.”

“This hurt her and she decided to tell her uncle about Brendon’s actions. Mthembeni got angry and took it upon himself to protect his niece from further harm. He told Brendon that he will deal with him,” a source said.

Mthembeni confirmed that he had stepped into to protect his niece from heartbreak.

“The only thing which is better for him and Zinhle is to sort out their differences, and I was just knocking some sense in him. I am not interested on how they live their lives, but he must know that I care so much about Zinhle’s happiness,” he told the magazine.

Sources: Instagram, Citizen, Sunday Sun

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