Carishma Basday Is Reaching For The Stars

One of Durban’s hottest actress and TV presenter exports, Carishma Basday, was honoured this past weekend at the 7th annual KwaZulu-Natal Young Achievers Awards in Durban, for her contribution towards the performing arts sector in the province.

carishma basday

The annual awards event, which is an initiative of The Rural Youth Development Foundation – SA representing the youth of KwaZulu-Natal, is set to honour the SABC3 Mela TV show presenter with a Honorary Award for Performing Arts, Dance and Entrepreneurship – for the role Basday has played in flying the KZN flag high, and for the continuous contributions made towards the development and empowering of the youth in KwaZulu-Natal and beyond, through her innovations.

Actress, TV presenter, model and yoga teacher Carishma Basday can currently be seen gracing TV screens every Sunday on Mela on SABC3. This Indian actress, originally from Durban has worked and lived in Cape Town since 2009. She has starred in a number of SA and UK productions and was also the English voice to Oscar winner Marion Cotillard in the movie, Taxi 2. Carishma is also a qualified yoga instructor – having obtained her 200 hours experience in India, and now gives yoga classes and lessons in Cape Town. She is an avid traveller and wanderlust flows freely through her veins, she delights in experiencing new cultures and being a complete foodie. Carishma also has a deep love for animals and nature and works closely with charitable organizations like WWF and DARG.

“Being in this industry with all its ups and downs has always been so worth is because there is always the hope that through this work I am touching someone’s life and inspiring people even in the smallest of ways.”
She adds “It is often through someone else’s eyes, when we are recognized and acknowledged even in the smallest of ways, that we are able to recognize our own greatness, I aspire to serve as that pair of eyes, as many have served as mine, not only the youth but everyone who is following my journey.”

For the past six years Umvithi the Rural Youth Development Foundation-SA, volunteer committee, founders, sponsors and stakeholders have presented four very successful awards to recognise young people in their province KwaZulu-Natal, who go an extra mile to make a difference in our province.

Basday, who also teaches yoga in her spare time and commutes between Cape Town and Durban these days, is set to film a new movie in Durban this coming month. She is “happy to be home for a little while” and is excited to work in her home province.

“It is always so wonderful to be back in KZN, always surrounded by sunshine and smiles, its something in the air that really feeds my soul. And to be able to shoot a movie here which tells such a profound story and showcases Durban in such a beautiful light is so special.”

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