baleka mbete

FutureSA: Mbete Has Placed South Africa First

FutureSA has commended the Speaker of the National Assembly, Baleka Mbete, on her decision to allow secret ballot.

baleka mbete

The organisation stated that Mbete’s decision has put South Africans first by allowing the secret ballot in tomorrow’s Vote of No Confidence in President Jacob Zuma.

The FutureSA calls on parliamentarians to show respect for the South African Constitution and honour their duty to the nation with their vote against the ruling party’s President – Jacob Zuma.

“Members of Parliament are now free to vote with their consciences, without threats of intimidation or disciplinary action. And that clearly means A VOTE NO CONFIDENCE to stop the destruction of South Africa and the sale of our sovereignty to Zuma and his cronies, to stop the theft of billions from the public purse, to end the undermining of the rule of law, and to halt the destruction of crucial state institutions.”

The move to vote Zuma out is described as an act that will ensure a future built on social justice, equality, respect for the Constitution and leadership with integrity and respect.

Civil society protests across the country have already made it clear that South Africa no longer wants Zuma as President.  Protests will continue tomorrow in Cape Town and  all South Africans are called upon to play a part in demonstrating People’s Power, and making their voices heard in marches across the country, during lunchtime shutdown between 12pm and 2pm.

Vote Zuma out of office on 8 August!

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