Mishaal Mookrey
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Mishaal Mookrey Is Pure Magic On Mela!

Born and bred in Cape Town, 36 year-old Mishal Mookrey has graced local television screens for seven years. In 2010, Mookrey cut his presenting teeth on community television and in 2012 he entered and won the coveted Presenter Search for the show Eastern Mosaic; a then Indian lifestyle magazine programme broadcast on SABC2. Two years later, the show was rebranded as Mela and Mookrey is currently celebrating his third year on the show, which is broadcast on Sundays on SABC3 from 13h30 to 14h30 and offers news, views and entertainment for those that live by or are enticed by Eastern culture.

Mishaal Mookrey
Image Credit: Fayros Jaffer Visit: http://lifeinpictures.co.za/

“For me, the show has offered me the opportunity to talk on topics such as lifestyle, community service, entertainment, business as well as the creative arts, which I’m very passionate about,” says Mookrey. “I’ve had the absolute privilege of interviewing some of the world’s most high-profile personalities such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Morgan Freeman, Bollywood Film Director Karan Johar, Priyanka Chopra, Madhuri Dixit, Dia Mirza, John Abraham and Oscar winner A.R. Rahman.”

Having graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Television Production and Media from AFDA in 2007, Mookrey first dipped his feet in presenting with the launch of his YouTube channel aptly titled The Mishal Mookrey Show in 2010. “This is where it all started for me,” adds Mookrey. “My YouTube episodes, which were broadcast on Cape Town TV, offered me the perfect opportunity to showcase my creativity which I had longed to express since I was a young boy.”

“My dream has always been to be on TV. I’m living my dream!”

When not gracing television screens with his sophisticated charm and classic sense of style, Mookrey also has entrepreneurial blood running through his veins. “I come from a family of strong entrepreneurial businessmen and women and my parents always taught me the value of hard work,” explains Mookrey. “I am currently completing my MBA in Business Administration at Henley Business School to almost balance the creative side of me. I see myself as an entrepreneur with varied business interests so the degree will prepare me for when business opportunities do present themselves. I also believe that continuous learning is paramount to my growth as a well-rounded individual.”

From having experienced bullying first-hand throughout his scholastic career, Mookrey defines himself as an activist against bullying in schools; from primary through to high school. “I want to make more people aware of how bullying can affect and impact developing children,” says Mookrey. “I want to lead by example; to show young boys and girls that they should march to the beat of their own drum no matter what anyone says maliciously to their faces or about them behind their backs.”

Mookrey says he’s willing to try everything at least once; loves food, the arts, theatre and keeps fit by running in the shadow of Table Mountain. In closing, Mookrey says about himself: “I like to think of myself as a combination of quirky yet intelligent…although my siblings would only agree with the former!”

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