pragathi guruprasad

South Africa Inspired Vocalist Pragathi Guruprasad

Vocalist, Pragathi Guruprasad attributes her forthcoming world tour from what happened in South Africa. 

pragathi guruprasad

The idea for the tour came after travelling and performing extensively at concerts. “I started to understand how a concert should work, how important it is to cater to different audiences. Being able to interact with people from different cultures made me realise that you can’t use the same prototype everywhere.”

She says the tour has been on her mind for a few years, but didn’t come to fruition until a concert in South Africa. “At that point, I’d travelled to nearly every continent in the world performing, but hadn’t really been able to call any of those concerts my own. Seven thousand people showed up for my show — Pragathi Live, in South Africa — and it opened my eyes to the potential that existed.”

The Pragathi Live World Tour will cover four continents, kicking off with Asia. Each component has been fashioned by Guruprasad. “I want to keep it to 300 people a city, so I can interact with my audience, as they have been following me for years. It’s funny, because I’m usually more excited to meet them than they are to meet me. I want them to hear about my journey and where these last five years have taken me.”

The Pragathi Live World Tour will start on August 26 in Malaysia.

She says every location is symbolic; Malaysia, for example, is her biggest fan base. Chennai is home ground, and where the tour comes to an end. “It’ll mean a lot to come home with a world tour to my name. I really want to hear what people have to say; feedback from my audiences and from people behind the scenes,” she says.

The tour has been in the making for months. “It’s exciting to be a part of the creative process, because I never realised how much goes into event planning; choosing the venue, designing tickets, deciding what I’m going to wear, how to launch the tour, and publicity,” she says.

This is the biggest leap yet in the singer’s career. “I’ve worked so hard in the last few years, and I really want to show people that you don’t have to sing just film music to make it in this industry. Curating this tour has been a humbling experience. I look at this as my time to be in control, and to truly make this reflective of me and my experience,” signs off Guruprasad.

Source: The Hindu

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