Sex Scandal: The Private Parts Of SABC’s Lotus FM

lotusfm sex scandal

The sexual proclivity that runs through the 5th floor of the SABC building in Durban at Old Fort Road is just the tip of the iceberg.

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#IndianSpiceLeaks: Lotus FM, the Indian lifestyle broadcaster has never experienced such scandalous utterances in the public domain in its 34 years. Now it seems this rollercoaster of shockers was far worse than previously disclosed.

If you’ve read the classic, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, you would agree that the account of sexuality in the novel is so thoroughly relegated to connotation and this is done for the reader to talk about a subject cannot be discussed openly – sex.

The same applies to our genre of Bollywood movies, you would notice that the concept of sex is presented through series of musical scenes, coy elements of flirtation & frolicking behind fake trees with slow motion runs in fields of flowers etc.

So what makes a good sex scandal?

There has to be some gossip somewhere that slips out, someone has to upset a former lover so he or she can acquire the title of scorned & when that happens there WILL be a sex tape.

Revenge porn is the proper name for it. In order for a sex tape to be present, there had to be one really stupid person to have made it. This is exactly what has happened at Lotus FM – a sex tape.

Now, a good shocker is one that grips the imagination with the lavish recounting of the scurrilous details which appears at first glance as the very inverse of the Dickens novel or a Bollywood movie.

When we received a link to this material, it was suggested to be a Lotus FM staffer. We took the time to look into it to confirm the identity of the person AND this was found to be a legitimate video.

The questions hung over us……

  1.  Why did someone upload this to the web?
  2. Why did the Lotus FM staffer make this video?
  3. By observation of the video, the person made the material willingly.
  4. The next question; who was the recipient or recipients of this video?

So we went on to research this further, something just did not sit right with this video. During the course of the week, further revelations were made after some digging.  The story is that the video was allegedly made for a senior staffer at the station as a motivation in order to secure a job at Lotus FM.

It was time to connect the dots, we attempted to reach out to the person to find out more about the video and if that person was aware of the fact that this has been leaked out onto online space. We were ignored so we tried again on Thursday but the person has chosen to remain silent.

The questions we wanted answers to from the person was

  • Were you coerced into doing this?
  • Was this the price you had to pay for in order to join the station?
  • Was the person forced to make the video and was there more that was demanded in order to secure a job at the station?
  • And the last question – How stupid can you be to make a video in this day and age when you have seen Kim Kardashian and other celebrities lose face over a sex video?

Now the big question on everyone’s mind is who is this person we are talking about?

Well, we are not going to reveal that as we are bound by laws to protect the identity of the person. My plea to this person in the video is to find the source and have it taken down. You’re young with a good future ahead of you and the last thing your parents would want to see their child acting out like a porn star.

The material is offensive, more so you have acted out in plain stupidity, staining your character. Take responsibility for your actions and resign.

SABC Issues Legal Notice To IndianSpice

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