Head Of A Pig Left At Mosque Site In Durban

The head of the swine was found by a contractor when he reported for work yesterday.

azaan call of muslim

The Scottburg Muslim community in KwaZulu-Natal say the discovery of a pigs head at the construction site of a masjid is trivial and expected much worse.

Construction of the masjid which started about three weeks ago will take about nine months to be completed.

Local doctor and trustee Dr. Ahmed Seedat says there is a sentiment of fear and mistrust among the non-Muslim community regarding the erection of the masjid.

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“We had about 34 objections to the mosque which they have all been dealt with by the municipality. Obviously there will still be objections to the mosque whether it’s voiced or unvoiced. So this pigs head is obviously an attempt by someone who doesn’t like the construction of the mosque.”

Dr. Seedat says he has informed the non-Muslim community that there is nothing to fear.

“In my practice most of my patients are residents from the area and I tell them please tell your members that there’s nothing to fear. This is not a breathing ground for terrorism, there is no audible athan, and there is enough parking on site so there won’t be an intrusion.”

Another trustee Suleman Kadwa says they have forgiven the person who placed the pigs head at the site.

“We forgive the person who did whatever he did and Allah give him hidayah Insha’Allah”

Police have confirmed that no criminal case has been opened.

Sources: Radio Islam, Newsbreak IONO

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