Lotus FM: How A Sex Tape Has SABC Worried

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It has been a week since we reported the existence of a series of pornographic videos of a Lotus FM staffer.


Now, a slew of threats via phone calls, emails and social media messages have been filling up our inbox. 

#IndianSpiceLeaks: We have confirmed that the video has been doing its rounds on social media platforms eg. Whatsapp it’s a matter of time before the video is accessible to many.

In order for a sex tape to be present, there had to be one really stupid person to have made it. This is exactly what has happened at Lotus FM and yes we have the material in our possession. We took the time to look into it to confirm the identity of the person AND this was found to be a legitimate video.

We opted to engage our readers on a live Facebook broadcast last week Thursday night. On the evening of the broadcast we received 2 calls minutes before the broadcast threatening to ‘find me and silence me.’ 

Minutes into the broadcast, we received a ‘Cease and Desist‘ order as a warning from SABC to stop bringing them into disrepute.

We have chosen to not reveal the videos nor the implicated staffers at the station for now. Our story delves into the circumstances of the employment of the person in the video.  The story at current is that the video was a teaser for the manager/s at Lotus FM in order to secure the job.

We are still investigating the story as it seems to be unravelling other matters of the management team.

The fact that they chose to issue a notice that night for a trivial and unwarranted use of the station logo confirmed our opinion that SABC will once again protect the managers at Lotus FM.  On Sunday afternoon, it was brought to our attention that instructions were given to a legal firm in Johannesburg to use any means necessary to ‘shut IndianSpice’ down.

The reports on this issue have been handed over to the Interim Board & Parliamentary Public Committee that is investigating SABC.

Sex Scandal: The Private Parts Of SABC’s Lotus FM

Here’s a dodgy person on Facebook who could be the actual person trying to antagonize us or someone acting on her behalf.

Lotus FM sex tape scandal


Lotus FM sex scandal

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