Jack Devnarain
Image Credit: Isolezwe

Jack Devnarain A Perfect Fit For SABC Board

Many South Africans will know Jack Devnarain for his long-standing role of Rajesh Kumar on SABC 3’s Isidingo.

Jack Devnarain
Image Credit: Isolezwe

Among the DA’s nominees was Devnarain who is also chairperson of the South African Guild of Actors. Devnarain is as versatile as it gets. He has done comedy, theatre and featured in many television and movie roles.

Jack was selected by Parliament’s Committee on Communications who debated and revealed the 36 shortlisted people after whittling them down from a total of 363 applications for the job.

This isn’t the first time that Jack has been nominated – the DA nominated him earlier this year as a candidate for the current interim board.

The man known to many as Rajesh off Isidingo was brought up in Durban. His mother was a drama teacher and taught him a great deal about the acting profession. After Jack graduated from the University of Natal, he served in the Police Service for nine years before making his way back to acting.

Talking to Azania Mosaka; Jack stated that the Durban region lacks the structures needed to make acting a viable industry even though the elements are in place. Click here to listen to his podcast interview with Azania of KFM.

From today until Friday, Devnarain and 35 others will face Parliament’s portfolio committee on communications as the group interviews the short-listed candidates.

What makes Jack Devnarain a perfect fit for the SABC Board? 

Saga vice-secretary Francis Chouler said they believed in the leadership brought by the actor who, over the years, has graduated from being an actor to one of the most trusted activists in the performing arts and broadcasting industry.

Chouler said the actor would provide a critical perspective and knowledge of the industry’s grass roots and enrich the board’s understanding of the broadcasting business as a whole.

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