#BabyJamie: Judge Orders Mother To Take The Stand

KwaZulu Natal: Durban High Court Judge Mohini Moodley has ruled that the media can name the accused and the murdered Chatsworth toddler in the Baby X murder trial.

Baby Jamie News

The names of the child- Baby Jamie- and the accused- her mother Patricia Kershnee Ishwarlall and maternal grandmother Salatchie Basanich- have been withheld in media reports to protect the identities of Baby Jamie’s siblings who have already testified.

It is alleged that Ishwarlall and Basanich abused the child for several months before she was eventually killed.

Newsbreak Lotus’s Minoshni Pillay reports listen to the podcast below

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  1. Death, they need to be sentenced to death but before they are granted that luxury, they should be whipped so bad that they beg to be put to death. A child’s life should be filled with memories of happiness, love, laughter…. they stole this from them. Instead their lives was filled with nothing but turmoil, sadness, pain…. I can’t imagine what they had been through. I can’t imagine what baby Jamie’s 3 years on this earth was like but what I do know is that they and she did not deserve one bit of it!!! And that breaks my heart. I pray they get what they deserve. Let There be some sort of justice.

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