Hema Malini offers puja. (Photo: Yogen Shah

Bollywood Stars Celebrating Krsna’s Birthday

Bollywood celebrities flocked to Mumbai’s ISKCON Temple on Janmashtami to worship Lord Krishna on Tuesday. Shilpa Shetty, Hema Malini, Esha Deol, Ronit Roy and Ekta Kapoor offered their respects and a special puja at the temple.

Check out the pictures:

It’s Ekta’s turn for the puja. (Photo: Yogen Shah)
A priest blesses the actor. (Photo: Yogen Shah)
Shilpa Shetty offers puja with her mother. (Photo: Yogen Shah)
Hema Malini offers puja. (Photo: Yogen Shah
Ekta Kapoor arrives at the temple. (Photo: Yogen Shah)
Ronit Roy is all smiles with his children. (Photo: Yogen Shah)
Hema Malini along with a pregnant Esha Deol, her husband Bharat Takhtani and the extended family. (Photo: Yogen Shah)
Shilpa Shetty with husband Raj Kundra, her son and mother. (Photo: Yogen Shah)

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