Dear Zuma: Here’s 24 Things That Happen When You Move To Dubai

1. You land in the city and are swept off your feet by its cleanliness and beauty.

2. A couple weeks in, you’ve already spent a ton of money.

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3. While instinctively converting dirhams to your home currency, in your head.

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Whaaaaat? I could get this for like a thousand rupees back home!

4. You let yourself loose on the food. Oh god, the fooood.

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Scour ALL the cafes. Try out ALL the fast food joints.

5. Of course, you want to try all local things, starting with literally every shisha flavour.

Smoke ALL the shisha.

6. And making shawarma an essential part of your daily diet.

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7. The rules of this country seem kind of overwhelming, compared to how laidback home is.

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8. You are more careful than ever because you can pretty much get ticketed for everything.

9. Eventually, you get your first fine and have a distress attack.

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10. And though it’s hard, you begin to understand that’s how Dubai is so orderly.

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11. You get used to living in a monarchy and having Sheikhs’ photos all around you.

Sheikh Mohammed coffee mugs, keychains, or just random building-tall posters, you name it.

12. You very quickly pick up the basic arabic you need to survive here. / Via

“Inshallah, Mashallah, Assalam’wa’alekum, kaef halek, Alhamdulillah… I am one of them now.”

13. You are more thankful for air conditioners than you’ve ever been because the heat is unbelievable.

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Even compared to home. YES.

14. Soon, you discover that this land’s water wants to kill your hair.

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15. And that the junk food binge you’ve been on for the past few months was a terrible idea.

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(Normally occurs when you Skype with a family member back home and they tell you your face looks rounder.)

16. Every few weeks you recall something from home and get emotionally tender.

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17. As soon as you’re over with your tourist phase, you start hating how many there are.

Every season is holiday season.

18. Your first ramadan is tricky because you keep forgetting you can in trouble for drinking water in public.

19. You realise you’ve started spending a lot more than you used to.

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20. You take your time getting used to the weekend starting on Thursday.

Sunday is a work day.

Just let that sink in for a minute.

21. But the nightlife is amazing and you could certainly get used to it.

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22. The sparkling blue beaches are a lovely change.

Especially if you’ve moved from a crowded city with grey and cluttered beaches.

23. And (in moderation) the food is phenomenal.

24. And so, sooner or later, you fall in love with this Arabian dream.