Deewangi Celebrates A Decade Of Jazzy Masala

Internationally celebrated choreographer and dancer Versha Magan continues to shape South African Indian contemporary and Bollywood Fusion dance. Her recent production proves that Magan is experienced and has artistically grown in her approach.

Deewangi, the show explores the concept of movement and freedom, using dance as a medium.


Deewangi brings you just that, a realisation of dreams.  With a spectacular array of dance, exploring a variety of genres such as Bollywood, Classical Kathak, Hip-hop and contemporary, it captures pure heart and soul. The production promises to be rich, vibrant, soulful and entertaining with its choicest foot tapping Bollywood music and more.

With a cast of over 100 dancers who create magic, engage and enthrall audiences from start to finish, Deewangi also sees a 10 year celebration of Versha Magan; founder of the Jazzy Masala dance academy as an artistic director and producer. The dance academy teaches an amalgam of dance forms, with a strong foundation in North Indian classical dance.

Versha, who left a lucrative career in the corporate world to pursue a dream, has been working tirelessly on Deewangi and is excited about the milestone her academy has achieved, citing “I have been fortunate to follow my passion; such that it has allowed me to work in a space that adds value to my soul and a space that allows creativity to influence social cohesion through dance. Seeing the results of the hard work that is put in a production makes it all worthwhile and more. Having people and fellow dancers commit to seeing your vision become a reality, that’s remarkable. Believing everything is possible is what makes the whole thing magical.”

Deewangi opens on September 16 at 20:30 at The Lyric Theatre at Gold Reef City, Johannesburg and tickets can be purchased at Computicket.

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