Indian High Commissioner Presents Credentials To SA President

The envoys of India, Pakistan and China presented their credentials to South African President Jacob Zuma at a rare event where the representatives of the three countries presented credentials simultaneously.

Her Excellency, Madam Ruchira Khamboj High Commissioner to South Africa & Lesotho has officially been accredited as India’s High Commissioner at a spectacular ceremony held at South African Presidential Palace on Thursday.

Ruchira Kamboj
President Jacob Zuma accepts the credentials of HE Madam Ruchira Kamboj
South Africa Indian Bilateral relations
Fellow diplomatic cores present at the ceremony.
South Africa Indian Bilateral relations
Fellow diplomatic cores present at the ceremony.

There was no hint of the current tensions between India and its two neighbours at the event where President Zuma welcomed the diplomats alongside their counterparts from Israel, Chile, Spain, Uganda and Ghana at the State Guest House in Pretoria. Ambassador Lior Keinan of Israel, India’s newest partner after a recent visit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was seated next to Kamboj.

“I am confident that you will contribute towards enhanced mutual beneficial relations between our countries and further strengthen our people to people interaction during your tenure,” Zuma told the diplomats.

“Your presence here today bears a testimony of growing interconnectedness and mutual friendship of our countries and people.”

Zuma called on the ambassadors to join in the fight against global challenges. “Our world is characterised by growing insecurity which is caused by multiple factors such as increased inequality, competition for scarce resources and violent acts of terrorism, among others.

“It is a well-known fact that technological advancement has ushered positive changes as well as threats of increasing cybercrime, for instance. “It is therefore our collective responsibility to work towards the realisation of a peaceful and a prosperous world in which humanity can thrive.” Zuma also called for the strengthening of economic relations with the respective countries represented for mutual benefit.

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