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Pravesh Mithal Is The Gauteng Cake Boss

Meet Pravesh Mithal, the owner of the Alberton-based cake business ‘Cake Boys.’  

Pravesh Mithal Winning Cake Boys
Pravesh Mithal holding the winning cake

Mithal took 1st place at the Good Food & Wine Show in the advanced category of the cake decorating competition with a beautiful triple-tiered celebration cake.  Mithal hails from Lenasia but his business is based in Raceview, Alberton.

Mithal has represented Alberton at the Good Food & Wine Show a few times before, but this time he really felt like a challenge when he entered the advanced category.  Dedicating long hours of deep focus, concentration and patience, but he managed to take the first place and the cash prize of R3 000.

However, Pravesh says there was some strong competition that kept him on his toes.

“There were four other beautiful entries – it definitely wasn’t an easy win,” he says. “I am just so proud about winning despite the other talent that surrounded me. It’s like coming out with a chart-topping album on the radio that amazes everyone.”

His advice to readers and similar cake-decorating enthusiasts: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. That is my life motto that I rely on every day. Anyone can decorate a cake if they put their mind to it – all it takes is lots of practice. Don’t be terrified of trying it – it’s very achievable!”

Source: Good Food & Wine Show, Alberton Record

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