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Now It’s Anil Kapoor’s Turn For a Autobiography

The season of star biographies is in full bloom. After Rishi Kapoor, Karan Johar and Asha Parekh’s extremely well-received tell-tales, it’s the ageless Anil Kapoor who’s all set to spill the beans.

Arrey yaar, aise mat bolo. No spilling of anything. Just my life put forward in the most honest way possible. And honesty doesn’t mean hurting anyone. – Anil Kapoor, Actor

He’s clearly telling us that there would be no mention of the affairs, flings and other off-the-record occurrences in his life.

What we will get in the AK biography would be a comprehensive kaleidoscopic view of a life healthily lived .

I started acting when I was 23 with a bit role in Hamare Tumhare. By God’s grace today at 61, I am still here working alongside my children. In all humility, there is a lot to be obtained from my story. Why do you want to know about my affairs?

The memoir, if you will, is being penned by Anil’s long-standing friend and journalist Khalid Mohamed.

Reveals Anil, “It had to be Khalid and no one else. We’ve known each other for as long as I can remember. Our careers grew side by side. No one knows me better than Khalid. He’s not just a close friend but a brilliant writer and critic.”

Anil admits the biography is taking longer than expected. “It’s my fault. I am not able to give it the time that it needs. But now I need to focus on it and complete it.”

Khalid recently completed and released a biography on Asha Parekh.

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