Predict: South Africa’s New Dating App

South African’s in search of love & lust have come a very long way from setting up a profile on ‘Dating Buzz’ in the early 2000’s. Then there was the gay dating portal by MambaonlineMeetMarket – which catered for the LGBT community of SA.

South African web users have been signing up on various international dating websites like in the case of the Indian community who are familiar with ‘’ and other mainstream websites.

There are hundreds of different dating websites that people have signed up on to find their next fuck buddy or their happily-ever-after.

Predict Dating App South Africa

From Tinder to Grindr there was an app for everyone dependent on their sexual needs, relationship goals and so on.

There’s even dating, hook-up websites like Ashley Madison that promised you discreet affairs breaking the moral code of society and then karma played a trick on them. Their precious database of users were exposed to the world that brought their dating website crashing down.

Now a new, FREE South African dating app has surfaced on Android and the Apple store. 

The app named ‘Predict’ by creator Ayal Belling is said to have an edge over other dating and hookup apps.

How does it work?

Once you’ve downloaded the dating app Predict,  you are directed to authorize your Facebook account to the Predict app. Thereafter, the search profile is brought up for you to adjust your preference.

Predict Dating App South AfricaWhat makes the Predict dating app different?

The bio always shows and prominently and the photo card you are familiar with in other apps isn’t the way Predict dating app works.

You have the option to choose from a quick and kinky hookup to also tapping someone for a long term relationship, it claims this strategy supposedly makes people more honest about whether they’re after a casual or more serious relationship.

I was rather impressed that the app catered for LGBT & Trans individuals BUT Belling’s dating app is said to be targeted for the for heterosexual women and I bet this hetero marketing tactic will backfire perhaps – who knows.


After installation, I matched with Ayal Belling with a 72% accuracy.

Predict Dating App South Africa
The brains behind the dating app Predict – Ayal Belling.

Now, on each profile there are buttons you can choose – if you want casual, short-term or non-monogamous dating (middle button) or longer-term, monogamous dating (right-hand button). Or you can still just say no, of course. The clever bit is that you might match only when you both press the same button.

And then there’s the social match percentage that appears on each profile to give you a sense of your compatibility.

How do they figure this out? Through your social data on Facebook, of course. Twitter too.


• Predict is available on the Apple app store and Google Play.

Source Inputs: Predict App, The Times

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