ryan naicker

Lotus FM: Ryan Naicker Resigns After Suspension

Ryan Naicker, a former producer & anchor of the Morning Rush breakfast show has been taken off air permanently.

ryan naicker

#IndianSpiceLeaks: It is alleged that Naicker failed to pitch up for his evening show, Dance Lab and was suspended for the transgression. Naicker thereafter handed in his resignation following his suspension.

Lotus FM has not issued a statement regarding the resignation of the radio jock but have already removed him off their website as one of the On-Air personalities.

After the exit of veteran radio breakfast host, Neville ‘Topdan’ Pillay, Naicker who was the Producer of the breakfast show he was then handed the reins as the host with Shaastra Nagesar taking over as producer.

But it seems to be a Game Of Thrones shift where Naicker was then kicked off the show and Nagesar had taken over as anchor of the #MorningRush breakfast show.

Naicker was in hot water after he was called out for a light-hearted conversation over the movie Fast & Furious 8 amongst the co-anchors which led to Naicker suggesting the other option instead of paying for a movie ticket would be to wait and pay fifteen rands for a copy. click here

The station lost about a third of its listeners, with its average listener numbers falling by about 130,000, from 390,000 to 260,000 last year losing 40% of it listenership.

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