DocTalk: Will a Longer Foreskin Cause Issues During Sex?

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In a country where it is hard to have an open conversation about sex, men can find it difficult to express issues pertaining to their “manhood”.

When any mention of that-thing-between-the-legs takes place in context of sexual innuendos and boastful size comparisons, useful and serious advice or health tips is hard to come by.

We have on board with us Dr Rajinder Yadav (Director – Urology, Andrology and Kidney Transplant) and Dr Apurva Prakash (Associate Consultant) from Fortis Hospitals, Shalimar Bagh, to answer your queries.

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My Foreskin Doesn’t Go Down. Please Help!

I am 19 years old and I have always faced this problem. The foreskin of my penis does not go down automatically. And it is very tight. I am afraid to pull it down. Should I try to? I want to find a solution for this. And will I able to have normal sex?

The foreskin might be infected. Usually it gets stuck to the glans penis due to poor local hygiene or due to infection. Do not try to pull down the foreskin by yourself. Visit a urologist and get yourself examined thoroughly. Depending on the condition, medication might be prescribed or circumcision might be required. Having normal intercourse will be painful and difficult.

Why Do I Have Warts Surrounding My Penis?

It’s a case of sexually transmitted disease.
It’s a case of sexually transmitted disease. (Photo: iStock)

It seems like a case of sexually transmitted disease (STD). In such cases, ideally both the partners need to be treated simultaneously.

Different types of warts require different treatment. Visit a urologist and get yourself examined. Usually, with medication, there is a tendency the infection will recur. If the warts are only on the foreskin of the penis then circumcision might be required. But if they are on the glans penis then medication will have to be continued. You and your partner should visit the doctor today.

I Suffer From Nightfall, Even After Masturbation. What Do I Do?

I am 25 years old. The size of my penis is around 3-3.5 inches at max. I have been facing the issue of nightfall (involuntary ejaculation during sleep) since adolescence. Since then, I started masturbating frequently. But that doesn’t to help either. What should I do? Another problem is that within 2-3 minutes of getting an erection, my penis becomes soft and fails to achieve the desired level. Is it due to erectile dysfunction? I also face the issue of dribbling after urination. Kindly help.

If the size mentioned is during erection then could be a problem. If not, then the size is normal. Masturbating is normal and helps the secretions to come out. So, the issue of nightfall could also be due to irregular masturbation.

Two to three minutes of erection is sufficient to have proper penetration and ejaculation. But longer erection might be an issue. It can be treated with proper medication and counselling.

For the dribbling issue, you might need to get a urine culture test done. Usually, with plenty of fluids the problem can be corrected. If not then visit a urologist.

Will a Longer Foreskin Cause Issues During Sex?

There is nothing like normal foreskin size.
There is nothing like normal foreskin size. (Photo: iStock)

I am 23 years old. My problem is that my foreskin is longer than a normal individual’s. The head part is hardly visible and I can’t pull it down to expose the complete head. I can masturbate normally without pain, but will it cause any problem during intercourse? Please help.

Let’s get the record straight: There is nothing like normal foreskin size. But the issue of not being able to pull down the foreskin could be a problem. It could be because of an infection around the glans penis or the foreskin might be stuck to the glans penis. Get a thorough examination done with a urologist. Depending on the condition, medication might be prescribed or circumcision might be required.

Yes, having intercourse will be painful. The friction caused during intercourse might cause discomfort.

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