Tamil Scholar Mr Kisten Chinappan

The South African Indian community mourns the loss of Tamil scholar Dr. Kisten Chinappan.

SOUTH AFRICA: Kisten Chinappan of the Barathiyar School of Tamil Studies has dedicated his life work to the advancement of the Tamil language and culture.

He was recently conferred a Ph.D. from Madras University for his thesis work on ‘Saint Thirunavukkarasar’s contribution to Saiva Bhakti Philosophy’.

Chinnappan has been a strong advocate of the use of drama and music to enable young minds learn the Dravidian language.

A recipient of the prestigious annual Ammen Awards in 2019, Chinappan was awarded the ‘Saiva Pulavar’ for his work in the promotion of Eastern language by the Shree Mariammen Temple in Durban, South Africa.

Kisten Chinnapan

Passionate about preserving and propagating the Tamil language and Tamil literature.

Chinappan has authored many books, academic literature and producing vibrant Tamil stage dramas.

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Source inputs: Newsbreak Lotus FM | IOL

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