Podcast: Deshan Naidoo On His Father’s Legacy

It’s a well-known fact that in the entertainment industry – the show must go on! And that’s exactly what South African artist, Deshan “Styler” Naidoo will do.

Well-known for his mash-ups and mixes, Deshan and family suffered a tragedy when his Dad, Tamil cultural icon Guru Beama Naidoo passed away.

deshan styler naidoo

Guru Beama was laid to rest at the weekend. He is survived by his wife Sushila, sons Kershen and Deshan.

The young Deshan Naidoo says itis important to keep his Dad’s musical legacy alive and continue providing quality entertainment for his fans – who he affectionately calls “stylerz”…….

Listen to Deshan Naidoo speaking to Newsbreak here

Source: Newsbreak Lotus FM report by Executive Producer, Salma Patel

Watch Deshan ‘Styler’ Naidoo’s recent mashup video

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