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Megazone Radio Staff Actions Are Criminal

#IndianSpiceLeaks: It was the SABC music quota policy that drove Megazone Media to launch Durban’s first online radio station.

It has been just over a year since the internet radio station took flight and now the station is allegedly battling to pay staff. Megazone Hit Radio caters for the tastes of primarily North Indian music and a quota of Tamil music on live streaming.

Staff Go On Strike

Megazone Radio

Four staffers at Megazone Radio went on strike for more than a week, bringing the station to a literal halt where the internet radio station scrambled to fill the gaps in broadcast.  It has come to light that the Megazone has been unable to pay salaries which drove the staffers to take a decision to go ‘on strike.’

In a recent interview done by the Post Newspaper, the disgruntled staffers they expressed their passion for the station which began to compete with the SABC Indian lifestyle station, Lotus FM.  The staffers also indicated they earned below the industry standard but still loved what they did.

The station is apparently depending on a international investor to help with their financial woes.

The owner of the station, Mr. Vishal Maharaj is reported to be in hospital at current with his sister, Ms. Ashika Maharaj – an attorney representing the interests of the station – issued a legal notice to the staffers last week.

It is believed that Ms. Maharaj had reached out to the four staffers requesting them to meet with Megazone Media to discuss their labour concerns to which they had ignored.

The striking staffers have been accused of malicious intent:

  1. Tampering with the CEO’s laptop.
  2. Malicious damage to Company property
  3. Interruption and interference of live broadcasts
  4. Illegally accessing the company surveillance & monitoring traffic of people at the company
  5. Acts of intimidation & harassing staff, service providers & clients
  6. False misrepresentation that the Company has closed down

The above allegations against the staffers has been described as criminal by the attorney, Maharaj who also demanded that the staffers restore all processes that they have interrupted.

Megazone Is Not In A Crisis 

Maharaj who spoke to Indian Spice indicated that criminal charges are being carried out however demanded to verify Indian Spice first as she has no clue who we are and would choose – based on her 22 years of legal experience – either to respond to our questions or ignore.

When we enquired about the crisis at the internet radio station, Maharaj dismissed claims that the station is experiencing one.

In her response to the Post Newspaper over the pay issue  she said: “With the current slow economic climate, there is a ripple effect of slow-paying clients that filters down to our overheads but (they) are being managed successfully.”



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