LISTEN: Pravin Gordhan Talks To Newsbreak Lotus

Pravin Gordhan Newsbreak Lotus

ANC MP Pravin Gordhan was hosted on Newsbreak Talk to clear some facts about the South African political space. Gordhan makes stunning revelations reacting to report also discusses why they lost jobs.

In an  exclusive broadcast at the Kharwasthan Civic Association that celebrated 50 years of civic service, Gordhan joined the community and was in conversation with Taresh Harreeparshad.

“Why should I be exonerated because I was never guilty in the first place.” 

Pravin Gordhan Lotus FM

Listen to Pravin Gordhan’s podcast here:

This special podcast by Taresh Harreeparshad, Rachel Vadi, Hafsa Mkhize, Hoosen Ebrahim, Salma Patel

Source: SABC News, Newsbreak Lotus, Twitter

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