Vikash Mathura Speaks Out

The trial of former Lotus FM presenter Vikash Mathura had resumed at the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court last week.

Mathura faces charges of fraud and, alternatively, theft. He has been out on R5000 bail that was granted in May. He is accused of billing Ellerines Furnishers an amount of R887467.20 to his personal company, a charge that he denies amongst other charges.

Following the news reports that were published in newspapers, Mathura published a statement on social media to give his side of the story.

People want to know why I have not commented (as yet) on the newspaper articles that appeared last week, which reported on my court case with a former employer, dating back to 2012.

People say “There is no smoke without fire!”. People say “His silence must mean guilt!”.

The matter has been before the court for 5 years…at my insistence. Whilst my former employer gets free legal services from the state, it has cost me (in legal fees, thus far) more than the actual claim that was instituted.

Why am I doing it? Because it is a position that I have insisted on taking against a group of individuals and an employer who thought that their one-time status as a JSE Top 40 company would allow them to steam-roll over their employees…even over their most senior executives. Not me!

I have learnt that people will continue to speculate. I have learnt that corporate politics is often more filthy than government politics. At the end of the day, all one has is his (or her) reputation. I will guard my reputation, and that of my family’s, at all costs. Why has this case dragged on for 5 years, from a JSE Top 40 company? Because, they have no case…and they know it.

To defend my case in the media, would be to share with the opposing parties why they have no case. That will be disingenious. So let them continue to plant journalists in the courtroom. Let them continue to mis-report the facts. Let that journalist continue to sleep through the court proceedings.

As long as my family knows the truth, that is all that matters to me…for now. This should be over soon…and then I’ll have my say to all the sceptics. Just don’t play judge and jury without knowing the facts. That’s what feeds the media…and the gossip-mongers…and that’s what ultimately sells newspapers.

To those of you who have sent my family messages of support and well-wishes, I thank you unreservedly. Stay blessed. We are.

Source: Facebook

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