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Phoenix Organisation To Provide Cannabis For Cancer Patients

The Phoenix North Coast Cancer Support Group is gearing up to provide medical cannabis treatment to cancer patients once the substance has been legalized.

#BREAKING: South Africa’s highest court rules that citizens are allowed to smoke – and grow – dagga/marijuana at home. click here

The organization is busy forming strategic alliances with reputable companies that will make the product available at affordable rates.

cannabis south africa

Though not yet legalized patients are already able to source medical cannabis from various producers. The organization has been actively encouraging patients to be extremely careful of the source that is producing the product. There are medical guidelines that the producer is required to follow and if the producer has not followed those guidelines there will be an adverse reaction when used.

The government is currently looking at medicinal cannabis in a very positive light to legalize its use and to regulate the substance. Cancer patients in South Africa are waiting patiently for medicinal cannabis to be legalized though it is available to some cancer patients already.

It has been proven in countries where it’s legal that the use of medicinal cannabis has brought relief to its cancer and lupus patients. In some international research it has been observed that prescription and dispensing of painkillers had decreased drastically in preference to medical cannabis.

There are numerous side benefits in comparison to conventional drugs that contains many side effects eg. damaging the kidney and liver in the process.

The Cape Town based company, Cannabis Therapy is partnering with the Phoenix North Coast (PNC) Support Group and will be sponsoring two cancer patients who will qualify for a months treatment pack valued at R3500.

In order to qualify for this treatment pack the cancer patient or their representative must be present at the Cancer Open Day.

The PNC Cancer Support will be hosting their annual open day where free breast and prostrate cancer screening will be offered.

The event is on Sunday 08 October at the Mariammen Temple in Mount Edgecombe from 08H30 till 13H00.

Radio Hindvani will be broadcasting live from the event, lunch will be provided courtesy of Food For Life.

Also on this day those that have lost loved ones in their fight against cancer will be encouraged to REMEMBER & HONOR them by lighting a Memory candle at the event.  Cancer survivors will also light a Victory candle to CELEBRATE their success in beating cancer.

For further information on the event contact Roy Sukdhev on cell 0836310814.

KZN Economy Set For A High With Cannabis Cultivation

KwaZulu-Natal emerging farmers are going to get the chance to cultivate a “miracle crop” that has the potential to transform the South African economy, while creating thousands of much-needed jobs.

And the plant that will be grown in six rural areas of the province to help to bring prosperity to the region and the country is cannabis, also known as hemp or dagga.

The project has the backing of nine government departments and the first local briefing session about the crop will be held in Camperdown on Thursday to an invited group of small-scale rural farmers.

“KZN farmers are struggling to grow maize, tomatoes, cucumbers and other crops and we will help them with their applications for the necessary permits to enter the cannabis industry,” said Durban-based Krithi Thaver, a founder member of Canna Culture, which has merged with a new organisation, the Cannabis Developing Council of South Africa.

Soweto scientist Dr Thandeka Kunune, whose House of Hemp was the first private company to be awarded an exclusive permit from the departments of agriculture and health in 2010 to legally cultivate and process hemp in South Africa at the Dube TradePort, is also part of the council and will be attending Thursday’s briefing.

“We are using her experience, research and connections to move this industry forward,” said Thaver, who gave up his banking job to concentrate on his passion for developing the cannabis industry.

The meeting and the move to help farmers get into the cannabis-growing industry comes against a background of big developments in the medical marijuana field.

Earlier this year, the government took its first steps in legalising the manufacture of marijuana for medicinal uses after political parties agreed to work together on the Medical Innovations Bill to ensure terminally ill, or patients with chronic pain, were able to use it to treat their symptoms.

Cultivating cannabis for either medicinal and other industrial purposes would be strictly controlled, Thaver said.

The move to develop a booming cannabis-farming sector was not connected to the recreational use of cannabis, he said.

Source: Daily News, PNC


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