Activists Rescue Kitten From 110 Foot Borehole

In a heartwarming rescue, activists rescued a kitten from a 110-foot deep borewell in Hyderabad’s Bowenpally area.

Activists from Animal Warriors India (AWI) said that they received a call Sunday night about a kitten that had fallen into the borewell.

“The kitten fell into the hole at around 5 PM in the evening. The mother was nearby with another kitten. Locals tried to pull her out but they couldn’t do it. They called us at around 7:30 PM,” Pradeep Nair from AWI told TNM.

The activists said that the kitten was hanging on to a pipe at a depth of around 30 ft. They had to use a zoom camera to monitor the kitten.

“Half her body was submerged, but she kept her head up and held on to the pipe. She was already exhausted by the time we reached her. Usually, we send a ‘mesh’ bag that animals cling on to with their claws that helps us pull them out. However, in this situation, the kitten had no energy,” Pradeep adds.

The activists lost hope in between when they could not spot the kitten. However, a little while later, she was found hiding behind the same pipe, at the same spot.

With proper planning, a support rope was sent in. After many failed attempts, the kitten surprisingly bit the support rope and held on to it very firmly.

Following this, she was slowly pulled out to safety.

“We never expected it. It is impractical to even think that the kitten would have understood what to do with the rope. Our hands were shaking as we pulled the rope up slowly, but we managed to rescue her,” Pradeep said.

“After we used a hair dryer and the team gave her some warm hugs, she recovered from the cold and became active. We fed her some warm milk, after which she returned to her mother who was sitting near us and watching the rescue operation,” he added.

The borewell was later sealed to avoid future mishaps.

Watch the video below.

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