The book 'A Deal With Mother Kali' by South African author Naufal Khan is inspired by real life events when his brother slipped into a coma and where only the 'Dark Mother' could help.

Book Extract: A Deal With Mother Kali

The love between the divine Mother Kali and her human children is a unique relationship.  Kali, the Dark Mother is one such deity with whom devotees have a very loving and intimate bond, in spite of her fearful appearance.

A series of supernatural events unravel as the Hindu Goddess Kali, Islam’s Hazrat Ali & Sathya Sai Baba work in unison in the battle to protect a soul.

In this relationship, the worshipper becomes a child and Kali assumes the form of the ever-caring mother. The book ‘A Deal With Mother Kali‘  is inspired by real life events that occurred in 2016 when the author’s brother slipped into a coma. Where doctors failed to give them hope, it was collective prayer and faith in God that held them together.

About: Naufal Khan, a South African author of Indian descent born in Durban & raised across a kaleidoscope of cultures as he travelled the world.

Born into a family of two powerful religions, Hinduism & Islam he started a journey of self-discovery. Being raised by deeply religious grandparents, this gave him the gift of experiencing faith, magic, tantric & occult practice.

Khan traverses the realms of alternate realities decoding mythology, religion, occult and fantasy in this book and his future novels.

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The Battle For His Soul: It was now day 45, he was still asleep. We were taking strain with watching him just lying there, day in and day out but our prayers kept us going. My mother continued with trailing the holy ash from the car to his bed and on him. She was unfazed; she gave herself completely to the Mother. We all did.

Today, we were there to perform a different ritual and I was not ready for what was about to unravel in front of me.

We had to request permission to light camphor in the ward which was given, my mother marked Zain on various chakra points on his body with the blood pink holy ash from the Kali Temple.

It was time to let the Dark Mother do her work.

I stood at his side reciting a series of mantras the first, which is said to push away the six enemies of the soul. These enemies act through our ego, superego and particularly affect the Void, blocking ascent of the ‘rhuu’ that I spoke of earlier.

As my mother slipped droplets of the sacred Zam Zam water into his mouth I recited the 5 holy names of Hazrat Ali.

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

Amir al-Mu’minin

Abu Turab




With tears flowing incessantly from her eyes, my mother lit the camphor above his forehead and moved the clay lamp across his body. She stood there with her eyes closed as the flame danced, the scent of jasmine returned around me.

I leaned close to Zain’s ear and repeated the names of Hazrat Ali, the beloved Lion of Allah Taa’la. Then suddenly the flame of the camphor caught my attention, it seemed to be changing shape. It was the Mother, seated on her lion.

I stepped back from Zain as the flame extinguished and raised my clasped palms over my head in reverence to the energies that were present.

As the flame sputtered into smoke, Zain’s body started to shake ever so lightly. I called out to my mother who was still in deep meditation at his feet, she didn’t move. She just stood there looking at Zain starting to convulse fiercely now.

“Just leave him, let Kali Ma do her work.”, she said.

“But ma what if…”, I pleaded with her

“Don’t call for the doctors, leave it. They can’t help him now.”

She stood there with no emotion just watching as his body shook, she slowly moved to his side and placed her hand on his forehead.

“Zain……baby…….I am here, Kali ma is with you, I am with you. Come back to us now….it’s too long you are sleeping. Baby come wake up. Jai Ambe Maa.”, she relented.

It was no more than two minutes but it felt like eternity, Zain opened his eyes, it was bloodshot, he inhaled deeply and stuck his tongue out as he turned his head to my mother.

“Zain….my child, Mummy is here,” she started to sputter out, crying now.

I stood there with my palms together, “Namami twam Maha-devim Maha-bhaya-vinashinim.” I bow to the Great Goddess who destroys the most terrifying fears.

Zain stared at my mother and mouthed without any sound. “Ma.”

I composed myself and called for the nursing staff, I cried as I walked out of the ward, I needed to just get some air.

I replayed the events of what just happened in my head, the flame that resembled Mother Durga on a lion; then also the circumstance that I recited the five holy names of Hazrat Ali who is also known as the Lion. Also, the strong smell of jasmine that comes when Swami is present, this wasn’t something I could explain to everyone.

Zain woke with bloodshot eyes and stuck out his tongue just like Mother Kali, she had come through for us, she managed to pull his Atma (soul) back into his body.

The battle for Zain’s life had just begun.

‘A Deal With Mother Kali’ will be available on ebook editions on Amazon & Kobo this October and print editions out in November.

Author: Naufal Khan
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: IndianSpice

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