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Kangana Ranaut Talks About Having Sex

Kangana Ranaut has been in headlines for all the controversial statements she had been making in her recent interviews. She made quite a few revelations about her alleged relationships with Hrithik Roshan and Aditya Pancholi. Kangana has been known as the propagator of feminism in Bollywood.
kangana ranaut
On these lines, at the Jagran Cinema Summit, she said,  “I am not a man-hater. In fact, I have more male friends than female ones.”
She went on to add,  “I am not sure when I became a feminist. The whole perception of inequality and of one being inferior to the other is too bizarre for me to come to terms with. I can’t understand it. Feminism is just indicative that the balance between genders is missing from the system, and it’s a sorry state to be in.”
“My journey [in the industry] is magical, but magic has its price. Lineage has been restricted within the males of the industry. There is a deep-rooted patriarchy. Showbiz is a fantasy land. It swings between extraordinary, fantastic and tragic,” Kangana said while talking about her journey in the industry.
Elaborating her point, she said, “Certain things are expected of men, but sneered upon when women do it. Consider their sexual lives for instance. Having sex is fun for a man, but for a woman, it’s almost criminal. Such is the general perception of the glamour world. Men brag about their Casanova sons, but when it comes to their daughters, she can’t be wearing a bikini. [It is okay if] 15 bikini-clad women are hovering around him and his son, but the daughter has to comply with feudal ideas.”

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