Lotus FM’s Ryan Naicker A Con Artist

#IndianSpiceLeaks: Former Lotus FM radio jock Ryan Naicker has come under the spotlight since his sudden exit from the radio station.

Former Lotus FM radio jock Ryan Naicker

A series of damning allegations against Naicker have come to light following our investigation into his exit from Lotus FM.

Suren Packery of Algoa FM in East London lamented his experience of being swindled out of R15,000 by Ryan Naicker.

Packery said he first met Naicker while working at Algoa FM where his unfortunate friendship was forged. It was in 2009 that Naicker borrowed the R15000 on the pretence he needed the cash to buy a motorcycle, little did Packery know this was the last time he would ever see that amount of cash again.

“I gave up on ever getting my money back, he’s a con artist” says Suren Packery. 

Naicker allegedly then left East London without paying back the money, Packery did not press on the matter to recover the money as Naicker dodged any attempt of being contacted.

Packery’s experience with Naicker was not the only one we discovered as there have been others who have had a similar situation with Naicker.

Family help Naicker pay off loan to Lotus FM staffer

At Lotus FM, the same pattern occurred where Naicker had then borrowed money from another staffer at the station and failed to honour his word to pay back the money on the agreed date.

The person attempted to continue pressing Naicker for the cash until he was forced to contact Naicker’s relative who then paid the amount on behalf of Naicker.

Twenty thousand rands later Another Lotus FM staffer introduced Naicker to his colleague was convinced to part with R20,000 of which is yet to be paid back after 4 years.

Vehicle endorsements for car dealerships

It was also disclosed that Naicker allegedly promised car dealerships endorsements on their vehicles in exchange for allowing him use of the brand new vehicles.

It is believed that a number of other individuals are taking Naicker on for fraud charges in similar incidents where he has taken money from them.

Naicker has failed to respond to our questions today regarding the allegations.

Lotus FM: Ryan Naicker Resigns After Suspension


  1. Hi there, Ryan Naicker ext Algoa and Lotus Dj has done it again, swindling people for money promising them stuff then running away, he even did it to a work mate at Playa Bets Durban North for R17000 whose layed charges, contact me if you need more info, a watch alert or an alert to stay away from Ryan Naicker be placed on all social media.

    • Hi,
      my Husband worked with Ryan on a TV shoot a while ago. My Husband bumped into him at a party this weekend. Ryan asked my Husband for his Cell number. He does not know this man at all. Ryan sent my husband a WhatsApp message on the Saturday morning asking to borrow R1000. This man is still doing this. Something needs to be done about this. God knows how many people he robbed from Friday night. I agree – a warning on social media needs to be posted about Ryan.

  2. Thanks so much for this article.

    This guy is trouble. He comes across and fun, friendly social ect but is only doing it to try to swindle people.

    He was brought along to friends birthday party a few weeks ago. He got a few peoples contact details (all in a fun frienship kind of way). Within a few days he was attempting to scam almost everyone.

    1. Offered me a biz deal to simply give him R4k he’d give me R7k next week. (Why R4k? His business partner pulled out of a deal so they were short R4k).
    2. Asked a friend to lend him R1k cause someone let him down
    3. Asked another friend to pick him up from airport, when she declined he asked for money to uber. He then called another friend who was at the party and asked to borrow money.
    4. Asked another friend to pay for his accomdation in JHB and lend him money.

    My other friends have all had stories from him…fortunately no one gave him anything.

    When I asked him about this article he said it was nonsense. He said all people named in this article made good money.

    Avoid this guy.

  3. Rheshim Kuverjee

    I’ve also been scammed by Ryan. He one day called and asked for R1000 to pay for his accommodation because FNB had double debited his account. At the time I thought he was a friend in need. He promised to pay an extra R400. I wired the money by EFT, but he said he needed it immediately. He said he would pay R500. I then did an instant EFT transfer of another R1000. He said he would pay quite a number of times but has not to this date. I tried messaging a number of times, he has since blocked my number and any other numbers I have tried to contact him on. Please stay away from this guy.

    • Hi Neil & Rheshim

      I know this is quite delayed and you might have moved on but I had a similar situation whereby I have also lent him money on the premise that he would repay me by the end of the week. This happened in May. Would it be worthwhile to pursue this further in a legal way? Or any other way to stop him from doing this to other people. I dont want to let him get away with this any more than he already has!

  4. last year some time my partner and I where swindled for R8500, Ryan had advised my partner that he had won a Tender with ICC to supply sound and equipment to one of the events rooms for 24 months, he advised that he has a contact for the equipment valued to R17000 and that we should go half and half and once ICC starts paying him he would split the earnings with us, with the minimum of R2300 a month. Had went to the lengths of sending us a legally binding contract from a so called “lawyer” with both his and my partners details, with the amount payed and the amount due every month. with this we where under the assumption that our money was safe as we had gone through the process the right way. for the first month he paid on time there after for about 4 months he was making excuses and avoiding our calls until he completely vanished.

    I think that cases of Fraud from all of us should be opened to make a standing case in court.

  5. Hi Cheryl. I was also dupe exactly a year ago with the same contract of Sound equipment at the ICC. Extremely crafty with a SLA document and the works. He still continues to dodge. Exact same scenario.

    • I am goin to lay charges against him and I know where to find, if everyone that has scammed by him can testify that way we all can get justice because he did the same with me. I will be laying the charges in Port Elizabeth Algoa Park Police Station.

  6. Hi
    Iv been scammed as well and is wondering if I could get help on how I can atleast take this the legal way or get my money back

  7. Hi,

    Wow cant believe how many people he has conned. What kind of a human is he. Doesnt he work? I like many of you have also been conned for R1k as he was “overcharged” at a restaurant and was short to buy food for the week in Cape town. Is anyone pursuing legal matters because he deserves to be brought to justice?

  8. I am goin to lay charges against him and I know where to find, if everyone that has scammed by him can testify that way we all can get justice because he did the same with me. I will be laying the charges in Port Elizabeth Algoa Park Police Station.

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