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Wanna Talk Dirty In Hindi? 10 Sex Related Words You Must Know

Dear Hindi speaker, who does not shy away from talking about sex, here’s a challenge for you — try holding a whole conversation on your sex life in, wait for it, shuddh Hindi. Go on, try it.

Noticed how you invariably borrowed words from English? Just like a gaali sounds more crass in our matra bhasha, does talking about sex sound more embarrassing in Hindi?

Or maybe we have stifled an open dialogue on sex for so long that we have forgotten the words for it.

Women wondering if there is even a word for the female orgasm, you can rest assure you won’t be disappointed. There are plenty of Hindi words that cater to your world of carnal pleasure. There are words in Sanskrit for sure.

Our ancestors wrote the freaking Kamasutra, for f**k’s sake! (Oops, there we go again. falling back to English).

We get it — after all, “sambhog’s sake” doesn’t have the same ring to it. FYI, sambhog is the Hindi word for sex. You didn’t know? Let’s make this easy for you.

Here are ten common words related to sex, and we have their Hindi alternatives.

1. SEX

Sex is sambhog
Sex is sambhog Photo: TheQuint/Liju Joseph


Penis is Ling
Penis is Ling Photo: TheQuint/Liju Joseph


vagina is yoni
vagina is yoni Photo: TheQuint/Liju Joseph


Orgasm is charam anand
Orgasm is charam anand Photo: TheQuint/Liju Joseph


cunnilingus is yoni lehan
cunnilingus is yoni lehan Photo: TheQuint/Liju Joseph


clitoris is shishnika
clitoris is shishnika Photo: TheQuint/Liju Joseph


fellatio is mukhmaithun
fellatio is mukhmaithun Photo: TheQuint/Liju Joseph

8. 69

69 is auparishtak
69 is auparishtak Photo: TheQuint/Liju Joseph


masturbation is hasthamaithun
masturbation is hasthamaithun Photo: TheQuint/Liju Joseph


Ejaculation is Veeryapaat
Ejaculation is Veeryapaat Photo: TheQuint/Liju Joseph

Now that you know these words, go ahead and ask for that mukhmaithun you have been wanting, or call attention to your shishnika. And try not to get your tongues tied in the middle of love making.

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