WATCH: Kavita Devi The WWE Star

Ever seen a woman clad in a salwar-kameez wrestling and beating the sh*t out of her competitor?

If you’ve never heard or seen such a spectacle before, you must not miss out on this video of former Haryana police officer, Kavita Devi, take on her opponent at the ring.

Recently, a video of Kavita Devi showcasing her wrestling talent at an event held by Continental Wrestling Entertainment – a promotion and training school launched by The Great Khali – has been doing the rounds.

Kavita is a powerhouse of martial arts and went viral earlier too for fighting it out as the first Indian woman on WWE. Kavita Devi says she is a Great Khali fan and followed him ever since he won a title on WWE. She also claims to have dreamt of being the first Indian woman to win the title.

Watch the viral video here:

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