Sugan Deon Naicker

Chatsworth Conman, Sugan Naicker On The Run

A Durban man has been exposed on social media this past weekend for committing numerous accounts of fraud across the country.

Hundreds of comments on the social media post by victims have uncovered a web of deceit where victims were conned out of their hard earned savings. Some have lost their homes, created enormous debt and have been forced to turn to loan sharks to survive due to the scam that they had fell for.


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Sugan Naicker of Chatsworth, a former Westcliff Secondary student has been swindling South Africans of hundreds of thousands of rands. Victims have been left financially and emotionally devastated after being promised profitable returns on investments he would make on their behalf.

The social media post has been shared on Facebook over 400 times in the past two days which has created awareness of the crimes committed by Sugan Naicker.

Sugan Naicker

Some victims assumed they were they only ones who had fallen for his schemes but after viewing the social media post it has revealed there have been hundreds of similar criminal acts by Naicker.

Naicker has also been purporting the idea to his victims that he works for First National Bank’s vehicle finance division Wesbank. This had drawn in people to believe that Naicker was able to bring in profitable returns on their ‘investment’ into his schemes.

Others were led to believe that they would be able to secure repossessed vehicles from as little as R30,000. The conditions set out by Naicker was that funds needed to be deposited into his personal account.  Once the funds were transferred into his personal banking account, Naicker would lose contact with the victims.

Another victim, Carla Bam has revealed she has lost over R900,000 in a scheme that Naicker had convinced her to ‘invest’ in.

Her facebook comment on the viral post
Omg he scamed all u people at least not for so much money im embarrassed to even place the ammount he scamed me out of lets just say close to a million if anyone has information please do contact me i really need my money back …. I cant belive i fell for this idiots trick he told me he workes for bidvest and he can buy cheap cars and split the profit in sapposed to have 5 cars by now from him i wont mention what else please do help us out with more info he needs to be stoped asap

All victims were handpicked off social media who were then lured into shady deals by Naicker.

Open Cases At SAPS

Naicker has been reported to the South African Police Service for his crimes however he has remained elusive to authorities as he is on the run.  The SAPS have used social media to warn the public that Naicker is a ‘person of interest’ in a number of reported fraud cases filed by past victims.

Sugan Naicker

IndianSpice investigative unit, KALI was able to locate Naicker last week Friday in Johannesburg at Carnival City, the fraudster has been known to have a compulsive gambling problem. A number of past victims have come forward with their SAPS case numbers and their experiences with Naicker who has been evading arrest by moving between Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal.

The public are urged to share this article to prevent Naicker from defrauding others and to come forward with any information that can help us put him behind bars for his crimes.

If you have been approached by Sugan Naicker and have been swindled out of your money we want to hear from you.

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