Sugan Naicker

Sugan Naicker Victims Have Come Forward

Con-artist Sugan Naicker who has been exposed for his fraud activities on a social media post has unraveled hundreds of victims.

IndianSpice Investigative unit KALI has received numerous messages from the public who assumed they were the only victims to Sugan Naicker’s elaborate schemes. Now they want justice more than the money they have lost.

Naicker’s victims are unable to understand why the South African Police Service has failed to nab Naicker for so many years.


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Victims Life Threatened By Sugan Naicker

Sugan Naicker

Boksburg resident, Jackie Narayanasamy is one of such victim who has managed to retrieve some of her money that was stolen by Sugan Naicker.

Narayanasamy has already filed a case complaint earlier at the Germiston Police station where Sugan Naicker’s sister, Elisha Lisa Naicker had stood as guarantor that her brother would pay back all the money he had stolen from Narayanasamy.

Earlier this Monday morning, Narayanasamy and her family have been threatened by Sugan Naicker as he suspects that she was behind the viral Facebook post.

Now, Narayanasamy has filed a second complaint this evening against the Naicker’s for threatening grievous bodily harm and a host of other charges.

“I am afraid for my family as they know where I live, this is why Sugan and his sister must be exposed for their fraud activities.” said Narayanasamy in an interview with IndianSpice.

Another victim in Boksburg had filed a case with the Boksburg SAPS who managed to shut down Sugan Naicker’s Bidvest banking accounts when the banking institute was made aware of his fraud scams.

A Family Operation

Sugan Naicker’s sister, Elisha Lisa Naicker is suspected of being involved in the fraud scams headed by her brother.

Naicker and his sister have been leading a lavish lifestyle soon after they settled in Boksburg. It has left onlookers in their neighbourhood curious as to their windfall of disposable income.

She has been known to source victims who have an above average earning & lifestyle and then introduces them to her brother.

elisha lisa naicker

Soon after Sugan Naicker’s Bidvest account was shut down, some of the victims suspect that he has been siphoning funds to his sister’s FNB Private Wealth bank account from his own Private Wealth account.

An FNB Private Wealth account caters to individuals and families earning more than R1.5 million per annum or with a net asset value of R15 million or more.

IndianSpice’s investigative unit, KALI unit has managed to secure bank statements, recorded phone-calls and other incriminating evidence in its possession that have been used to lure victims into large-scale schemes.

KALI is currently collecting additional evidence against Sugan Naicker and all documentation will be handed over to the authorities and related banking institutions this week for further investigation.

First National Bank staffers have been implicated in the elaborate scams created by Naicker. It is believed that Naicker has been forging official banking documents that have been handed to victims to secure their trust in his scams.

Here are some of the fraud scams that Sugan Naicker has committed that have been reported to IndianSpice.

“I was also conned for an amount of R70 000-00 by this fraudster. I have the deposit slips as proof.”

He scammed R6000 out of me thru a cell phone dead about 5 years ago.

Met this punk 3 years ago at motor license office in Pietermaritzburg) was registering a number plate Sugan N ZN that’s where my wife and I first met him,

We spoke a little met in Durban on 2 occasions promised returns on Apple iPhones and took money from me in the rush to make a ring for my wife as we where engaged to be married, he promised a 60k ring for 40k half down half on delivery, the ring never came but he ate our brain for the other 20k.

When we paid the 1st payment met at his Chatsworth home at 51 Caspian Street not even sure now if it was his residence or what anyway after paying the 20k and choosing a ring design – a week after he approached me says he sister can get iPhones on a staff discount and for 100k worth the profit will be 40K he wanted half the profit and was to give me back 120k after a week, I didn’t listen to my wife and went behind her back and gave him the money, from here on it was a nightmare didn’t get anything back at all!

I met Sugan Naicker in early 2014. He’s a smooth talker; he convinced me to invest with him and said I would get guaranteed profits from the investment.

He wanted R15000 deposited into his bank account but at the time I only had R5000 so I gave him that. For months and months I’ve called him for my money back as I realized then he was a scammer because he kept saying he’s coming to see me to give me a profit on my money or as I asked give me my money back. He never kept to his promise.

As the months progressed I saw posts on social media about him. I only lost R5000 but it’s the principle behind this, people like this must be stopped!

We work hard for our money, not for smooth talkers like this to swindle us! Also he has a tendency of adding people on social media and then stealing picture of their possessions like cars, houses etc and putting the pictures forward to people as things for sale. I’ve experienced this first hand.

Sugan was my best friends brother, one day he approached me and TOLD me he could get a laptop and a tablet for R2000 brand new. He said his working for Vodacom and he gets these deals, because he was a trustworthy person I went ahead and gave him the money, every day thereafter me kept coming with his bullshit about how he is waiting for stock.

He is a disgrace to our community, what I don’t understand is how difficult is it for him to get caught? Why is it taking so long?

If you have been approached by Sugan Naicker and have been swindled out of your money we want to hear from you.

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