Sugan Deon Naicker

Sugan Naicker Attempts To Evade Police

IndianSpice investigative unit KALI has received hundreds of emails from victims outlining how Sugan Naicker duped them into get rich quick schemes, fake car sale opportunities as well as cellphone deal scams.

Sugan Naicker

The Chatsworth fraudster has lashed out at some victims threatening their lives forcing some of the victims to seek protection from the South African Police Service.

Naicker has been unable to stop the slew of revelations on Facebook relating to his scams.


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Social media users have posted screenshots of various emails from the wanted fraudster where in some cases he was able to steal money from them.

Sugan Naicker’s sister, Elisha Lisa Naicker has also been identified as being involved in the elaborate scams emerged on Facebook threatening an individual for exposing her brother.

Soon after her threats, Elisha had disabled her Facebook profile.


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Chatsworth SAPS On The Search For Naicker

The Chatsworth Police station has a number of outstanding cases against Sugan Naicker but the question remains is how has Naicker been able to avoid arrest?

IndianSpice contacted the Chatsworth police station and officers familiar with the case seemed ecstatic at the news that we have been able to trace Naicker’s whereabouts in Boksburg.

IRS Forensic Investigations a private agency that specialises in financial crimes has been working with the South African Police Service in a series of fraud cases against Sugan Naicker.

IRS Officer, Enock Masingi who is in charge of Naicker’s case finds it strange that the Chatsworth SAPS have not acted on their information provided on the whereabouts of Naicker.  SAPS Warrant Officer ‘Bird’ Pillay is yet to comment on reasons as to why the fraudster, Naicker has been allowed remain free all these years.

No trust in the South African Police Service

Some of the victims believe that Naicker has been paying off SAPS officials at the Chatsworth branch over the years to prevent his arrest and to ‘lose’ dockets.

Listen to how Sugan Naicker attempts to lie to a victim here who is still waiting for his money.

Mr Sewlal who is familiar with Naicker’s fraud schemes had this to say, “How ever so true the idiom that a ten days rogue must get caught one day! He has conned many more hundreds who are afraid and embarrassed to talk about it. Its just sad hearing about he conned innocent people.

He is also known by the name “Deon” in the community of Westcliff and Chatsworth.


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The Hawks need to be the investigators in his case, reason being he has many grassroots and high-level contacts with the SAPS and other law enforcement departments. Which is how there are not many charges against him, or the ones that were disappeared, or how he was charged and arrested and sentenced but waltzed off free as a bird. Then the Hawks must investigate those who are corrupt and helped save him to never face the music. Those rotten law enforcement officials need to be thrown in jail with him.

In their investigation the Hawks must approach his ex-employers whom fired him. Like Woolworths, they will certainly open cases parallel to those brought forward by the hundreds that he’s conned.”

Naicker’s fraud cases – according to the number of victims that have approached us – now stands at over 2 million rands.  IRS Investigations urges the public to contact them if they have been defrauded by Naicker, call 086 191 1477 and speak to Officer Enock Masingi.

If you have been approached by Sugan Naicker and have been swindled out of your money we want to hear from you.

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