EXCLUSIVE: Why I Exposed Fraudster Sugan Naicker

Last week Facebook user, Saiuren Naidoo published a post exposing former Chatsworth man, Sugan Deon Naicker. 

The Facebook post read:

“Gay family major p*** alert here. Be warned this dude has been committing fraud in Durban and now is in Johannesburg doing the same thing. He befriends people promising to be able to secure cars only if the money is paid into his bank account. He also lies about investment opportunities and swindles people out of their hard earned money. Share this post with everyone possible. He needs to be reported to the police stop him from ruining people’s lives. As you were.”

The post generated hundreds of shares with shocking revelations from other Facebook users who have been defrauded by Sugan Naicker.

Naicker who was alerted of the post scrambled to defuse the growing situation however it was out of his control. He was exposed and helpless to prevent his victims from revealing their experience of having their money stolen by him.

Naicker has been outed on social media for multiple fraud scams around the country, a number of open cases are open at various police stations. IRS Forensic Investigations a private agency that specialises in financial crimes has been working with the South African Police Service in a series of fraud cases against Sugan Naicker.

After IndianSpice published the initial article on Naicker’s crimes, hundreds of victims have come forward with their unfortunate experiences. All of them were left penniless after Sugan Naicker stole their money in elaborate scams that he concocted.

IndianSpice investigative unit, KALI interviewed Saiuren Naidoo over his reasons to choose to expose the fraudster. This is what he had to say.

Sugan Deon Naicker

So Saiuren, tell us why you decided to expose Sugan Naicker?

Well, I became very upset when I first heard about this guy, I have never met him nor have I been scammed by him. But I know many people who have mentioned being defrauded by him.

I decided enough was enough. I could not sit back and allow this rogue to continue his thieving ways.

Majority of the people that he scammed are people from the LGBT community. I am gay as well and as you know that there is a perception of us being soft targets that will not stand up.

I could not allow this to happen to another person gay or straight.

You mean your motivation was for the gay/lesbian community?

Yes, that was the base motivation when I did decide to publish his criminal acts against my LGBT community. We cannot allow criminals like him to just walk over us.

Did you expect the post to go this viral?

I hoped it would and it was not only my effort, it was all my friends on Facebook, we came together for a common cause. By everyone sharing the post it was an affirmation we have had enough of being taken for a ride.

Have you been confronted by Sugan Naicker about the post you made?

Yes I have, he messaged me demanding I take down the post and I refused. He then stalked me threatening my life. It not only stopped there, his sister Elisha contacted me and asked me to stay away from her brother.

When I told her that people have started to reveal she is part of his scams, she said that in 3 days they would find me. She then deleted her Facebook.

Are you concerned about their threats?

No! Not at all. At the end of the day, we all know who the criminals are and they are running scared. I will not stand down nor allow them to threaten our gay community or me.

Sugan Naicker has threatened others over the past few days and I have been assisting them with the right advice as to what to do.

What do you think about the speed at which the Police are handling this matter?

I have faith in the justice system to convict Sugan for his crimes, his victims should be paid back and he must remain behind bars for a long time.

IndianSpice has received hundreds of emails, calls and messages that corroborate your claims on the fraud committed by Sugan Naicker. This is just a tip of the iceberg and there are many others out there who are afraid to come forward.

What would you want to say to those ?

My plea to them is come forward and let their cases be registered with the police; we cannot allow Sugan to get away. If there is any chance that we can recover the money they lost then this is the chance we have.

The LGBT community should not live in fear or allow rogues like Sugan to threaten them.

We stand together and are saying enough is enough. The authorities need to take action and bring Naicker to book!

Find Saiuren Naidoo on Facebook here

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If you have been approached by Sugan Naicker and have been swindled out of your money we want to hear from you. IRS Forensic Investigations urges the public to contact them if they have been defrauded by Naicker, call 086 191 1477 and speak to Officer Enock Masingi.

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