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Purtassi Video Upsets Some Hindus

Complaints have flowed in thick and fast with the Hindu community upset over a satirical video was posted on Facebook by Yogi Naidoo.

The video has had viewers mixed in their opinion of his video.

One user commented: “Disgraceful that you people find this funny. A big shame on the Hindu Tamil South Africans. I’m really deeply disappointed.”

Another posted: “Really as a fellow Hindu, I don’t see the reason to get all upset because the truth of the matter is that he’s not poking fun of the Tamil cultural and religious practice. Rather he is highlighting how mellow dramatic SOME Hindu ppl become about having to give up eating meat and other pleasures. If you have to become angry, become angry at those who don’t fast at all or don’t fast for the entire fasting period. Channel your anger towards showing them why this period is important.”

A third commented: “To keep a picture of meat above God ? Low.”

Naidoo then responded to the slew of comments: “Hi Everyone, thanks for all your messages and comments. (Positive and negative). Really didn’t mean to offend anyone. The idea was just to show how overly dramatic people get about the whole Purtassi Fast and having to give up meat. I love our culture and religion…. Well I love all religions and cultures. May you enjoy the parts that make you laugh and ignore the parts that don’t. Much Love Yogi”

Watch the video below:

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