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Durban Jock Loses Job At Second Radio Station

leshav dilrajFormer radio jock, Leshav Dilraj has come out guns blazing after a newspaper article reported on his recent axing from a local Durban radio station. 

Durban Youth Radio has claimed that Dilraj sabotaged the station by making technical changes the night before while he was on air. CCTV footage captured the 23 year old radio jock removing and rewiring studio equipment, which led to the station being temporarily off air the following morning.

Dilraj’s recent axing comes after he was embroiled in another incident at his previous employers at audio streaming station Megazone.

Following a POST Newspaper article over his recent axing, the disgraced radio jock has issued a statement on Facebook this Sunday morning.

Dilraj believes that the article was written in a sensational manner that did not stick to the facts. Read his post below:

“I’ve been forcing myself to make an official statement regarding the negativity that has been published in the media about me lately.

I couldn’t do it because of my extreme disappointment in the community that I served and grew up in.

Post NewspaperIt’s so disheartening that a community newspaper would rather pick the side of the story that seems more sensational to sell copies, even though it is at the expense of a young person’s dignity.

It’s hurtful that instead of telling my story as a member of the community it serves, a publication would rather use catchy words to grab attention and readership.

The headlines used, the bylines used, were all used to portray me in a negative light.

How is this fair? I have been robbed of my good reputation, my social standing and my dignity. Was it worth it to rob me of my career and my passion so that issues are sold for the week?

It has also been very hurtful to read the nasty names I have been called in social media responses. I am somebody’s child as well, always keep that in mind. Please think about the ramifications of your words on others before you publish it due to the sensationalism tactics of community publications.

I have been called things like “Idiot” “Stupid” “cake” “dumb” and many more.

This is not something that is okay to call another human being, especially when you’re only reacting to something you’ve read. Not everything that is published is gospel truth.

I will state this for the final time:


Why would I sabotage a station that I had just joined two weeks prior?
Why would I do such a thing after I had poured my heart and soul into my passion for radio for the past 6 years of my life?

I did what I did as a response to a technical issue. I did what I did on impulse.

We are all human and we all error, and I beg your forgiveness for my mistake. But I am not the nasty person I have been portrayed to be.

My email response to my termination notice, sent on 01 October, was filled with apology to station management. This was sent much before the story was published to the public.

I beg of you all to look at this as objectively as possible before making a conclusion on my character. I forgive you if you have insulted me because it isn’t your fault, but please take my words into consideration before making further judgement on who I am.

I was raised by good people to be a good person, but I cannot forgive myself if I do not at least attempt to defend my honor.

Thank You.”


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