ayodhya-vasi-ram-by-Shashika Mooruth

Ayodhya Vasi Raam by Shashika Mooruth

Shashika Mooruth is a versatile ‘conscious’ independent artiste from South Africa now based out of Mumbai, India. Widely travelled to more than twenty-five countries, her voice with its unique timbre is her passport to much acclaim.

Mooruth has had the honour of performing for a select audience at the United Nations in May 2006 receiving overwhelming applause. The late world-renowned Pakistani singer and Grammy winner Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Saheb heard her sing in Mumbai and was all praise for her talent and voice which he described as ‘steeped in soul and emotion’.

Lord Ram, residing in Ayodya, son of Dasharatha; purifier of sin, the enchanter of Seetha, the very life of Janaki.

Ayodhya Vasi Raam performed by Shashika Mooruth

Shashika is born a natural singer embarking on Hindustani classical training only after completing her university education but she loves to experiment with different styles. As a conscious artiste, she does not restrict herself to any genre. Rather she aims to not just entertain but to create a positive shift in the consciousness of her listeners, hence her performances range from classical to pop, kirtan to folk to Bollywood, in fact, she allows her voice to roam as a free spirit singing from her soul.

Born in South Africa, she had an interest from childhood to spread a message of peace through her music. By the age of fourteen, she had sung to some of the largest audiences in Durban and Natal at large raising funds for old age homes, orphanages, charitable trusts, missionaries, spiritual organisations and various fundraising initiatives.

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