Baby Thermishaa Needs Your Help


At 3 days old, Thermishaa was admitted in hospital with a liver and lung Infection as well as double pneumonia and yellow jaundice.

As the months passed, Thermishaa was not developing and achieving the milestones for a growing baby. Her parents assumed it was due to her being born prematurely. Hoping for the best her parents gave her time to achieve her growth milestones. However at 11 months, she could not sit or crawl and that was when they realized something was definitely wrong,

After taking Thermishaa was given a full medical examination she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy & cortical blindness.

“Nothing will ever explain the pain I felt when I was told my baby would not be like every other child I see running around, playing, singing, dancing. I would give anything to swop places with my little girl.”

Hope In India

“We came across a hospital called ADVANCELLS in India. The facility uses stem cell therapy to help children with cerebral palsy to lead a better life.”

After contacting the doctors at Advancells, Thermishaa’s medical reports were sent for evaluation. The feedback was positive, the treatment for Thermishaa would yield a better life for her. Thermishaa’s mom was forced to resign from her 9 – 5 job in order to take care of her.

The cost of the treatment in India will cost $8000 USD and thereafter $25 USD per session (total of ten sessions) for the extra physio and speech therapy. Flights and accommodation will be a further $7000, as we have to be at the treatment center for 6 weeks.

“As a mother I am appealing for assistance in order to fit the medical bill to conduct this treatment for Thermishaa.”

If you are able to contribute to Thermishaa’s treatment costs visit here:

Diwali Fundraiser Dinner

You can also support this fundraiser contact Karthi Moothsamy for tickets on +27 82 777 8915

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