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Rajiv Narandas Causes A Stink In Prison

Rajiv Narandas even while in jail cannot seem to avoid controversy; the heir to a multimillion rand empire has been pushing inmate’s buttons for all the wrong reasons.

Narandas was convicted of the 2008 murder of 32-year-old Veenand Singh outside Shoukara nightclub in Sandton tried every tactic possible to avoid being jailed.

However after his Constitutional Court application was dismissed the murderer was taken into custody to serve his sentence.

rajiv narandas

In a Sunday Times report this past week, Narandas who has served just over a year into his sentence is literally rotting in jail. The Durban playboy has found himself angering inmates and warders with his foul smelling odor; refusing to bath or brush his teeth.

He has already come to blows with fellow inmates over his hygiene practise, it is believed that Narandas is attempting to pull a ‘Schabir Shaik’ move to get out on medical parole.

Narandas’ lack of basic hygiene etiquette is a plot to stay in the prison hospital until he can be released on medical parole.

“There is only one bathroom here and we’ve never seen him go in the bath for the last three months,” a prisoner told the Sunday Times.

“The members complained about his room smelling. When he goes out of his room he sprays perfume. There is nothing wrong with him but he makes himself sick….Rajiv is planning to go on medical parole,” the prisoner said.

The Narandas family wealth is said to be funding constant medical care, including visit by a private doctor every week.

“As for brushing his teeth, he never brushes for almost a year,” said the prisoner.

“He read somewhere that if you don’t brush it can affect your heart.”

After losing his Constitutional Court bid last year, Narandas disappeared for nearly a week instead of handing himself over to prison authorities. He was found in a Durban hospital after allegedly falling ill.

A Westville Prison correctional officer who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that Narandas has it easy behind bars, spending his days in the prison’s medical wing. He had come to blows with a cellmate over his body odour.

“He was assaulted by another inmate but he wasn’t badly hurt and is fit enough to come [back] to prison.

“He is getting special treatment in the hospital section, where life is easy. Narandas is not really sick. It is easy in the hospital. There are single cells and one is out of the way of the general population. The communal cells of Medium B are not for the faint-hearted,” said the warder.

The rich boy has meals delivered to the jail, he said. “He hardly eats the prison food….only those that warders bring him and they are taking care of him nicely.”

His actions were laying the foundations, the warder said, for Narandas to apply for medical parole.

“He is trying to pull the same trick as Schabir Shaik.”

Correctional services spokesman Thulani Mdluli denied Narandas was getting special treatment, and said the fight with another inmate was being investigated.

Last month Narandas filed an urgent application in the High Court in Durban to gain access to an antibiotic & throat lozenges. The application was set aside after lawyers for correctional services said it was not a “life or death” situation.

Source: Sunday Times


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