A deal with mother kali

A Deal With Mother Kali By Naufal Khan

South African author, Naufal Khan has just released his debut novel ‘A Deal With Mother Kali.’

The story that is inspired by real life events in South Africa introduces us to Zainul Khan who ends up in a coma after a horrific motor vehicle accident. Doctors ask the family to come to prepare for the worst as Zain’s vitals begin to fail.

The family refuse the prognosis by doctors – they were not prepared to accept this as the end of Zain’s journey on earth. Their arrogance is also steeped in unwavering faith in a higher power & a darker one. While Zainul remained in a coma for 45 days he was wasting away fast, spiritual guidance was being consulted in both Islam and Hindu faiths.

A series of supernatural events unravel as the Hindu Goddess Kali, Islam’s Hazrat Ali & Sathya Sai Baba work in unison in the battle to protect Zainul’s soul from transitioning.

The Khan’s who have lived in Johannesburg for over 2 decades were originally from the province of KZN. In the town of Verulam, KwaZulu-Natal, a series of dark rituals were being performed – the Hindu Goddess Kali was being awakened. The spirit of Hazrat Ali known as the ‘Lion Of Islam’ – was also summoned to help return the soul that was in transition to the other side.

Khan traverses the realms of alternate realities decoding mythology, religion, occult and fantasy in this exciting book. Click here to read the extract of ‘A Deal With Mother Kali.’

Mala Lutchmanan a South African author & Tamil Scholar says, “Looking forward to this book! Gripping stuff!

Salma Patel, SABC News Producer comments, “It’s a true vista on faith & an unshakable belief in a higher power. It gives hope that yes, miracles do happen, right from page one.

The book is currently available online at Amazon & Kobo with the print edition available nationwide by December.

About: Khan is a former Sunday Times journalist and publisher of IndianSpice. Born into a family of two ancient & powerful religions, Khan started a journey of self-discovery in understanding Hinduism & Islam. Being raised by deeply religious grandparents, this gave him the gift of experiencing faith, magic, tantric & occult practice which comes through in his debut novel.


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  1. Where can I buy the book and when is it available.

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