Clairwood Temple Plans To Save Holy Tree

This 128 year old prayer tree at the Clairwood Shri Siva Soobramaniar Temple was virtually uprooted by the Durban storm.

Chairman Sidney Govindsamy, said the tree had a significant meaning as it was planted by their forefathers when they first settled in South Africa.

“This tree has been worshiped by many devotees and is known as the people’s tree or Arasamaram.

” It is worshiped by devotees who have difficulties in obtaining work, challenges in employment, difficulties in conceiving and in finding marriage partners.”

Govindsamy said the tree radiated positive energy.

“Lord Ganesha resides under this tree and he is the remover of all the obstacles, hence devotees go around this tree and pray to this tree and Lord Ganesha. The temple is undertaking and making every effort to have this tree re-embedded,” concluded Govindsamy

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