Diwali Notice On Social Media Angers Indians

A Diwali notice on social media is making its rounds inciting anger amongst South African Indians in Gauteng.

The flyer which makes use of the the Gauteng Provincial Government, Gauteng Tourisn and the South African Hindu Maha Sabha logo’s illegally, almost makes it believable until you start reading the poorly written statement.

The statement urges Indians to make use of “pop-pops and starlights” only for their celebration of Diwali and should they wish to enjoy Diwali in its full festivities one must visit the Indian townships of Chatsworth & Phoenix.

The notice states: 

” The Gauteng Government in association with the City Of Jhb, and in consultation with the Hindi Mahar Sabha, have declared that only the fireworks as shown below, namely “pop-pops” and starlights may be used on Diwali. Thursday 19 October strictly between the hours of 19H00 & 20h00.

Any persons caught busting brackets outside of these hours will feel the full might of the law.

We suggest that if you want to witness Diwali in full force, that you visit the townships of Chatsworth & Pheonix in KZN. Otherwise you need to tow the line here in JHB.

We wish you and your family well over this season. Our offices will be open to receive parcels.

Office of his worship the Mayor.”

The satirical notice ends with the authors comedy handle “KC” which refers to the Indian comedian ‘Karou Charou’.

Fake Diwali Notice

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